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    Hi all!

    I have the following big problem. I'm useing my Gmail account synced with multiple Business email addresses. In Gmail from a desktop I can choose that in which one the name of my email accounts I want to send my mail. (set the "From" part of the email)

    I didn't found this option in the Pre Email/Mobile Gmail too.

    Maybe I missed something?

    Please if this isn't an existing option now, then if someone can make a patch to the Pre Email client to be allowed to choose from the GMail "From" list at email sending, I would pay for it, if it's needed.
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    I have two gmail accounts on my Pre and when I'm at the compose mail screen, I can tap on "From" to change between the two. Is that not working?
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    The Problem is, that I have one Gmail account and itself in the Gmail account I have syncronised multiple email accounts. To have every email at one place.
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    Ohhhh, so you have gmail checking multiple different non-gmail addresses. Can you add them to the pre separately? Once you get different inboxes for each address, the pre will let you change the from.
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    I will check it. (I'm stupid, that this doesn't fall in my mind...)

    Thanks for the tip.

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