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    I have seen a couple of threads/posts about frustration in getting Amarok (on Linux) working properly with the Palm Pre. I decided to give it a go today, and am happy to report success.

    I'm using Amarok 2.2.1 on Kubuntu Karmic. All I did was:
    1. Attach the Pre in Media Synch mode
    2. When the New Device Notifier pops up in KDE, mount the Pre
    3. When Amarok prompted me for which type of iPod it was, I wound up picking model number "x9268"

    Note that I forget the long-hand version of the "model number." I want to say it was a 4th generation regular iPod, or something like that. Amarok then asked to "initialize" my iPod, which I let it do. After that, the Pre showed up as a Music Collection in Amarok and I could select other songs and copy them to the Pre by right-clicking and selecting "Copy to."

    Just to take some guesswork out of it, I'm going to attach my SysInfo and SysInfoExtended files in a ZIP file. Theoretically(?) you should be able to mount the Pre in USB Drive mode and copy the files to the "/iPod_Control/Device/" directory.

    I'd be interested to know if this helps anyone else.
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    That's all nice and sweet, but I want to be able to copy a playlist to my Pre, anyone has any luck with that?
    And by playlist, I mean any random number of songs I've compiled and wanna go out and use as the soundtrack of the day. I'm more interested in having the actual songs transferred, not just an ascii file telling which songs are in the list.

    The above works without any problem, and if you just want to transfer mp3 you can also just mount the Pre as a USB, amarok seems to be able to connect and use it as any other portable USB disk.

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