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    But people with Sprint from about 7:45 until 11 tonight. It was probably a problem on Sprint's end but did this happen to anyone else or just me? Lol.
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    Did you just port your number? Because thats what happened to me. Ported from terdrizon and couldn't receive texts for like a week.
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    i had a problem receiving texts tonight too. Then all of the sudden I received about 10 at all at once at 918pm . So about 545pm to 918pm (PST)
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    This happened to me in the past, but I didn't notice anything tonight.
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    Last night I was sitting there watching TV around 12:30-1am when my Pre lit up, I checked it and I had about 10-20 text messages that all said they had been sent around 9pm last night so I had a 3-4 hour window where I wasn't getting any text messages and didn't even know it until they all came through at once.

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