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    I replaced my launch-day Pre today. The speaker had blown. 1 thing I noticed is that the new Pre is DEFINITELY lighter. It actually feels cheaper becasue it feels so light. I have no idea what is different, but something definitely is. Also, it seems like the phone has more lag. Not sure what the deal is, but I dont like this one as much as my previous phone.

    Anyone else have any similar experience?
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    yea my too.I have the same issue with my launch pre the speaker blow up ,but also this one the battery dont last the whole day even with very light use.
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    lol i replaced my launch-day Pre for the same issue, i think my new Pre feels more solid the first one. i also agree with the battery not lasting as long, but this is weird because i think they just switched the battery from the old phone to the new one.
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    my new replacement Pre is more solid
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    If they just moved the old battery to the new one, it will fluctuate to start and then settle in a more routine way after a week or so. At least from what I've read around here and when I replaced my own battery.
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    launch day pre here too replaced yesterday also blown speaker. Phone is difinitly lighter, but I do have to say battery is lasting longer and phone is faster. But at sprint last night before I would let them swap out had to go through 3 phone before I found one that was aceptable. So palms quality is still ****
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    My mom just bought a pre and I have owned a pre since launch and now I have a refurbed pre. The only difference is under her battery there is easier access to the screws that hold the slider. What I mean there is nothing covering the two rear screws. Palm set back the plastic allowing access. That is all I noticed from having taken a quick look.
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    I havent noticed that the revision 2 pre is lighter, they feel the same to me. However I did notice maybe a marginal speed increase but maybe its do to Palm resolving the chipset supply issue with TI. My personal pre is still of the orginal revision so rocking that one till it squeels The slider on my Pre is a bit on the loose side but not quite the oreo effect grade.
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    after using it for half a day, it is hard to say for sure if it is actually slower. Some things def seem to lag more but others feel a little quicker. I would say the lag is more noticeable than the quickness, but that is how it will always seem. Battery life is worse so far today. 25% gone in one hour. Usually closer to 10-15%. I stand by my comment that mine feels lighter. Could be in my head. I have no way to tell for sure.

    other than that, everything seems to be working good. I am happy enough with it as long as it lasts me longer than the first.

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