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    earlier today my pres power button stopped working. Before today it worked with no problems, but now it takes 5 to 10 tries to turn the screen off when I'm done using it. Is this a known issue that will go away, or will I need to get a new phone bcause of it?
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    get it replaced
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Known problem:

    Same thing happened to me, I'm going to use it as long as I can. If you learn how to use it, it's easy. Just put more pressure on it and mine turns off, just with a lot of pressure. Sounds like they can't replace it, jsut will replace your phone.....Just read through the above thread!!!!

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    yeah if you take it to the sprint store they gonna replace it...I've had two phones end up the same way
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    I actually just had the same problem a few days ago and took it to the local sprint store. They just replaced the power button and I got it back within 10 minutes. It doesn't click the same way that girlfriends' pre does but it works good enough for me not to care about it.
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    I've had that too and had the phone replaced for free. That incident did switch me to turning the phone off with the slider rather than with power button.
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    Had the same problem. The guy at the sprint store replaced the phone for free. Apparently one of his coworkers had the same thing happen.
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    1 out of our 4 had that power button issue - with insurance they replaced iwth with a refurb even though 5 months
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    same problem took it into sprint. it was a known problem and there shipping me a new one in a day or two.
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    Same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago. Repair said it was not a "recognized" issue (even though he had seen it several times) and he couldn't replace it. Went back to sprint store and they ordered one through insurance. He did call and they agreed to only charge me $50 instead of $100. Now my new phone has some serious oreo effect.

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