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    I think something's wrong with the proximity sensor on my phone, because whenever I'm in a call the screens turns on and off as if I was putting it up to and pulling it away from my ear repeatedly.

    It doesn't affect the actual call, but when I'm in a menu where I have to press a certain number (not as much of an issue thanks to physical keyboard) or am just trying to end a call (especially if I've made one by accident), the repeat on/off doesn't let me press much of anything.

    It's an annoyance at best, and I'm too busy with finals this week to make the trip to Sprint at the moment. Just wanted to know if anyone's had this problem before, and if have a better idea of if it's hardware-related (only a trip to Sprint will fix it), or software-related (a quick trip to the Doctor will solve all my troubles).

    I could just go ahead and try the latter option, but it's too much of a hassle to have to go through the motions of restoring my stuff and have the problem not even fix itself.
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    Have you tested the proximity sensor? That certainly sounds like the issue here.

    Open the "Device Info" application, from the menu select "Interactive Tests", then run the "Screen" tests. One of these is the proximity sensor, if it vibrates before you cover the phone then your proximity sensor is bad and only a trip to the Sprint store will resolve it by replacing the phone.
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    while there go ahead and do the quick tests too . just a suggestion is all.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Just like you said, it vibrates before putting my hand over the screen.

    I'll be done with finals today, so maybe I'll stop by a Sprint store sometime this afternoon and get the phone looked at. Although I'm definitely not looking forward to competing with the flurry of people getting their holiday shopping done (all our Sprint stores over here are in malls).

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