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    So I accidentally dropped my Pre in a sink that was filled with water for like 3-5 full seconds maybe and pulled it out and let it dry and everything was okay. I am having one problem. The phone keeps thinking that i've inserted the wired headset so I basically can't communicate at all unless I press on the back of the phone where the headphone jack is. It never stays permanently, but is starting to require more pressure to get it to switch back into normal mode (or bluetooth headset). Is there a way I can disable this function from even working? Also, is there a way to fix this without opening the phone up and voiding the warranty? (although I may have already done so by getting it wet, but I don't know where the pre has an indicator on it (apparently not visible when removing the battery case) that would show its been affected by water. Either way, I'm looking for a workaround for this issue without potentially voiding a warranty because I might take it to sprint to have them fix it, but I never used a wired headset...although I wonder if that will also affect any of the audio playback on the phone (switching to headphone mode when i want speaker), I haven't noticed that yet as I haven't used it much as a music player.

    Anyone had experience with this? I honestly don't think any water got into most of the pre, except around the headphone jack area...I could be wrong though. there was some dirt in the sink that MAY be interfering with the detector? but I doubt it. i've used a Qtip, but not with alcohol yet. It doesn't seem to have an effect, pressure is what seems to set it off or relieve it. Its starting to get very very annoying. Thanks a lot!!!
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    actually, this is a problem with everything, I realize now why I haven't been hearing phone calls or thinking I missed them. i want to disable this jack completely. how do I do it?

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