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    Hey guys, a few weeks ago I installed some apps off of preware and stuff, then I updated to 1.3.1 and now preware won't work and neither will some of my palm's apps. And if I ever tried to launch preware my phone would lag so hard that it'd turn off and then turn on.

    I've fixed this yesterday, i had to completely erase my phone and start fresh clean but I just want to know if theirs a way to keep the apps and stuff including preware after an update? if not, can I back it up so after I update I'll be able to get em back and have them working correctly?
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    Uh... if they are offical apps they will automattically install when you login to your profile. Additionally contacts, bookmarks, and settings are backed up.

    Unofficial apps, Preware, and patches will need to be installed again. To do this simply use Quick Install to install Preware (instructions can be found on google and in this forum) which will then allow you to install everything else.
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    Thank you. :]

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