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    Hey, thought I'd start my first thread on a complicated question that most people couldn't answer me with. I have a windows vista 32 bit, and a Xbox 360. Now, I don't have a router that means if I plug my ethernet cable to my 360 from my modem, that means I'll lose internet on my computer. What I'm trying to do is have them both having internet at the same time, so I can do some transfering and finally use windows media center on my 360. My question is if I install the full version of mytether, will my computer be able to be in the same network as my 360 if it is setted up like this:Xbox 360 > modem > computer > palm pre (wireless modem)? So can I use my palm pre as a wireless router/modem and have a wired modem in the same network?

    All I want to do is use media center from my pc to my 360.(need both to have internet)

    Please answer.
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    Don't really understand the setup and I'm not exactly a networking expert, but I've always been under the impression that devices had to be on the same network in order to share things in that way; otherwise you'd essentially just be transferring files over the Internet.

    If your computer is getting its Internet from your Pre, and the Xbox is getting it directly from the modem, I don't think there's any way for them to get them on the same network, in the traditional sense. Don't take my word for it, though.. Again, I'm no networking expert.

    My recommendation (and presumably what you wanted to avoid) is to just go out and buy a router. There are some that are pretty cheap, and if networking the two devices is something you want badly enough, the investment is worth it.
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    I know that for my I hook up through usb then bridge the connections from the usb and ethernet connection and run it like that.
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    no, that would be 2 networks and you can only be on one at a time.

    Buy a router, it is the only way.
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    If cost is an issue you can get a cheap wired switch for under $20. That will allow your PC and Xbox to be networked together and share the internet connection.
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    Thanks guys, all your posts helped me. And actually, it worked. but it had to be via usb. thanks a lot!

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