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    So today I took a road trip and had my sprint navigation running as well as pandora internet radio and the app trapster (only for a bit). Was a two hour drive, had my phone plugged into car charger and my battery lost about 50% of its power during that time all while being plugged in.
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    K well both apps you had running are very battery intensive.

    Could be that you just were using more than was being supplied, or you had a leak and should've tried restarting the Pre.

    Could be your car charger, are you using a generic USB or are you using an inverter, or are you using an official Palm Pre charger?
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    Yeaaah I am sure it's just a car charger that isn't meant for newer batteries. This has been discussed a lot on this forum. Try doing a search.
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    Those power-hungry apps need a good charger. The Official Palm Car Charger sold in the Precentral store is the only one that has NEVER had any problems reported and meets the charging requirement to run Pandora and SprintNav simultaneously. There are other solutions, but this one is full proof (and most cost-effective unless you have an inverter laying around).

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