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    So here is the thing, I've had a conversation going in my SMS for months now and never had to delete it because it is my gf and after all i talk to her a lot through text messages. Yesterday I deleted the conversation by accident and then she texted me and it came up. I then got a text from another person, so i switched conversations, like we would all do. When I wanted to go back to my girlfriend's conversation I did the back gesture to see the list of conversations and I could not find my girlfriend's conversation. my conversation with her never made a new "thread/conversation" bubble like its supposed to. I can access the conversation by clicking on the "+" button and sending a brand new text to her, but if I hit back again, the conversation is gone. It is like its hidden or something. My pre is on sprint and this has never happened before.

    Does anyone have an explanation here or know whats going on with my phone?
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    Is she a linked contact? Unlink her profiles then relink them. That should fix the problem. It's a known bug.
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    i have the same problem, same thing happen to me today, been talking to my gf for a month and deleted it today. and same thing its hidden somewhere... what do you mean by unlink them, then relink them
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    I have another, but maybe related problem, since 1.3.1. When sms discussions tend to get long (with many multi-part sms-messages like 3, 4 or 5 sms messages) the whole discussion doesn't load anymore. It's still in PalmDatabase but just does not appear anymore under the connect. I get an empty discussion list.
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    Try and go to your mgs and then type in your girlfriends name, or whatever her contact is under... The mgs is usually hidden..

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