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    Yea i'm gonna go back, but in the long run i'm wondering how this thing is going to hold up. The Palm warranty says they promise it will be free of defects for a year or they'll give you a new one, but it's just frustrating is all. Does anyone here still have the Pre they originally bought and have not had problems with it?
    I've had mine since June and no hardware problems other than innocase tabs breaking off.
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    I am not sure if this post is proper for this thread (not complaining) but here it is, anyway.
    I had my Pre a bit wobbly for starters and it got even worse when I dropped the phone.

    I unwound the screws under the back cover a bit loose and then wound them back tight while squeezing firmly from the sides of the phone. Wobble gone!
    You need a Torx-headed screwdriver, of course. Costs a dollar or so.
    Be careful with those screws! You could easily destroy the threads in the phone's body if too tight.
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    My phone is never off though I do restart it with new patches and upgrades. It is carried along in pockets, dropped, and heavily used at times for 15 hours at a time and its been phenomenal.

    Multi-tasking makes this phone worth it even in spite of its shortcomings. I hate the charger cover and location of the charger. It should be at the bottom with no cover. It should have a microSD or SD slot for up to a min 32gb, it should have been a 5 megapixel camera with immediate video capabilities. No stupid LED button.

    Oh yeah, and Universal Search is awesome.
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