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    My Pre naked and on drugs.
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    I've been carrying my Pre naked since launch day. It's suffered a few scrapes and scratches due to drops on hardwood and concrete (including a bit of the battery door cracking off), but I haven't had any physical damage that's prevented it from working.

    +1 to the anti-case comments. I absolutely hate the look of 90% of the cases available on the market. It's like putting a supermodel in a potato sack. Lame.
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    I won an Incipio case at a Palmcast back in August, but I've hardly used it. I like my Pre naked and have been carrying it in my purse that way since launch day. No major scratches or dings so far... knock on wood.
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    just have a screen protector then the touchstone cover naked.

    Been happy with it. Specially when the all around clear skins cause too much friction on my nice Palm leather holster.
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