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    Does anyone know how I can connect my Pre to my Macbook´s adhoc network? The Macbook is connected to the internet with a cable and I thought I could use this connection with the Pre, too.
    However, the Pre doesn´t find the adhoc network.
    Has anyone else solved this before?


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    Does the Pre not support adhoc networks?? I have this issue as well.
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    same issue here...damn it would be really great if connecting to ad hoc networks worked...
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    Just tried it with my GSM Pre - it works fine. MacBook Internet Sharing enabled to share Ethernet connection via Airport.

    Pre WiFi on -selected MacBook as the network to connect to.

    badabing, badaboom - YouTube streaming nicely across the Macbook's network.
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    You maybe surprise to know that I didn’t know about it before…
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