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    We now know for sure that there will be a V Pre, which will be coming out shortly.

    My question is as follows: Will V star using the new freqencies, that it "bought" last year, (or was it ealier this year), for their version of the Pre, (these were the freq. that were used by broadcast TV)???

    The idea behind using these airwaves: They are suppose to give us better coverage and work better inside of buildings due to the physical nature of these ariwaves.

    Will the V Pre use these airwaves or is this something done the road which will be available in the future, but not the near future??

    I should mention, that I am with V and still using a centro. I have stayed with V for a number of reasons.

    1. I live in a semi rural county of central FL, where we have limited coverage inside. Without a doubt V has the best coverage in my house, but it is still spotty.

    2. My g/f works for a very large corp and the V discount available to us is very generious. We have her phone, my phone, my Mother's phone and both of her parent's phones on the bill and it is very cheap this way.

    3. We put all the phones together on one bill, b/c I get free long distance and local long distance, (intra state), b/c my landline has my dsl service. My provider Embarq, has given my a life time rate for DSL and FREE long distance as long as I keep a land line with Embarq and DSL servixce thru them.

    It is free for me to call my G/F, as she is in another county than the county I live in. However, it costs her a small fortune to call me on her cell, (she has no land line). If we are all on the same carrier it is free to call each other. Now V allows free calls to most freqently call #'s. Therefore, she can now call my landline for FREE and we nolonger have any bad coverage issues when she calls me, (as she did when her cell calls my cell).

    Therefore, I have sat out buying a Pre or and Iphone, (AT & T's service here is awful and frankly their customer service is beyone god awful), or a droid, waiting to see what V does, when the dust settles.

    However, will we be using V's new freqencies, wehn the dust settles or will that be another generation of phones, after this generation of phones on V???

    Thanks as always, jay
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    There's no reason to defend staying with Verizon, they are pretty much superior to Sprint in the vast majority of areas. If it wouldn't cost me $90 a month more I would switch to them as well.

    Anyhow for the question, I don't think so. I believe those frequencies are going to be used for their upcoming 4G service, LTE, and not the current CMDA.
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    Thanks for the info! take care, Jay
    Please Support Research into Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Spinal Injuries. If You Suffer from These, Consider Joining or Better Yet Forming a Support Group. No One Should Suffer from the Burden of Chronic Pain, Jay M. S. Founder, Leesburg Fibromyalgia/Resources Group
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    My thought on why I stayed on verizon so long was also because of the coverage. Yes, if you go to the rural areas you may have verizon, however with the Roaming capability of Sprint to roam on verizon's network and I think on ATT's 1x network. I have found I get coverage pretty much everywhere.
    I thought I had a good discount with one of the biggest companies with Verizon, however when Verizon changed their personal account plans the corporate one stayed the same thus giving me no better discount than the personal ones, so I dropped the corporate discount and went with a personal one and got reimbursed by the company. Verizon didn't hear our needs as we wanted a better smart phone for years. Most everyone stuck with a blackberry for years. I went with the Treo 650 then Centro as I found that the 700/750 upgrade wasn't too much better than the 650. Palm OS was dying and I needed a better smartphone like the iPhone. When I heard about the iPhone, I stuck with the Centro instead going with ATT as I heard about the crappy data network which ATT has. If only Verizon had the iPhone, I probably would have stayed. The Pre was only available on Sprint, so I tried it for a month, rooted it and found the coverage was actually really good, especially when I could roam on Verizon's network when I traveled to rural areas and not get charged more. Then Sprint announced free mobile to mobile calls. That was even better as I limited myself to the lower rate of 450 minutes per month and never go above the 450 minutes as much of my calls are mobile to mobile and some are nights and weekends. I put on about 400 minutes on mobile to mobile, even to Verizon, ATT, customers at no extra charge!! Verizon only had a friends and family plan and home phone free plus charged me a bit more.

    If you are unsure about coverage... go to the sprint/Radio Shack store get your 30 day guarantee... try the Pre and return it if you don't want it.. Don't switch your phone number till you're close to the 30 day end. Try it and I think you'll like it!
    I switched and really have enjoyed Sprint! I'm not tied to Verizon anymore, waiting for the slow boat to turn.
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    Because of the switch to digital Over-The-Air TV, UHF channels 52-69 were opened up for auction. Verizon got the largest chunk, Block C, and AT&T also got a smaller piece.

    UHF has better building penetration than the currently used frequencies. However, no one is scheduled to use them until LTE rolls out. That would require a new 4G phone.
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