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    Was watching the CSI:NY last episode and they show a close up of the Pre during the episode where Mac is talking to the lab via video chat on the Pre. I'm like holy crap that's awesome what application are they running, and you get a great look at the Pre, so I paused it to look at the application name up in the upper left hand corner.

    I was so disappointed when I saw that it said "Flashlight" They must have just superimposed the "video" over the screen to make it look like video chat. I was crushed.
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    I had the opposite reaction. I was laughing.
    Hard to video conference without a video camera facing you.

    I hope no one ends up buying the Pre based on this feature of the flashlight app.
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    Flashlight app is perfect for giving the needed blue or green screen for post-production editing...
    I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
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    I was watching District 9 the other night and was like "hot dang! THERE ARE ALIENS LIVING IN AFRICA??!!?"

    then someone reminded me that it was a movie and i sulked home like Charlie Brown.
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    And later in the episode Stella turned to her trusty iPhone to snap a picture. You think they would all have the same service provider...

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