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    Been using the "Feeds" app for the last week or so and everything was working fine. Synced my Google Reader to it, no big deal. Everything was working and then all of a sudden, about a day ago, the app just won't launch. I did soft reset and it still wont' load. I then took the battery out, waited about 2 minutes, put it back in and it still won't work.

    When I touch the Feeds app icon, it recognizes my touch and the icon glows but about 4 seconds later, it just stops glowing and does nothing. The phone doesn't freeze or anything but it just seems as if the phone is just ignoring the request.

    Anyone else have this issue b4?
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    I had this happen when feeds was still on homebrew only. Thought it would be fixed after I saw its a paid app now.
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    Delicious Morsel posted on their Twitter that it's a known issue and has already been fixed and submitted to Palm.
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    yes i have this issue. i deleted it and have not reinstalled it yet. Thanks for the info.
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    yeah, have the exact same problem! I love this app.. I was just about to do a hard reset to reinstall but now i guess i'll hold off.

    It all started a few days ago when i tried the offline sync, and i had a ton of feeds (1,000 articles) and i had a theory that that crashed it. But i guess it's the app.
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    The notes in the Homebrew version state that it will stop working on 8th December....go figure.
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    That's a little annoying. I paid for the app and then it just stops working? I could see this happening if there was an OS update but how does an app just stop working. I downloaded this for the official app store - not homebrew.
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    Yeah I've been stuck using Scoop, which is good for sharing but definitely has a sub-par UI, including sloppy rotation and slow load times. Hopefully Palm pushes this update soon.
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    yeah I have that exact same problem right now its happened before too and then it just opened one time out of no where I'm hoping this happens again.
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    UPDATE now in app catalog version 1.0.3... it works.... but still does not mark all as read when looking at all items. Not sure there is any change from the 1.0.2 version.
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