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    I took my phone off the touchstone earlier to open something, and I noticed an icon was in a different location. I looked closer and notice that many of them had moved. I have figured out that all of the stock icons have moved to the top of the page, then the icons for my homebrew and app store apps in no particular order I can discern. Also, I had moved my Prezware icon to page two next to the app catalog icon, and it has been moved back to page one. I have done nothing this afternoon on my phone except open the NFL app for a while, make a couple calls and send a text. I know the icons had not moved this morning when I created a new note in Fliq Notes.

    Has anyone else ever had this happen? I did not find any similar posts.

    One other note, I have had the 4x4 icons v3 installed for about 2 weeks.
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