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    Folks, I've tried to understand the preware, but I'm not getting it.
    I've got a whole library of ebooks from my zire 72 - can I read these on my Pre without having to go into developer mode"?.
    Sorry for the simple question....

    (yes I did a search)
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    preware is an unofficial app catalog
    inside preware is a few ebook readers apps
    i am guessing they will be able to read the ebooks that you have
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    I found a reader, but am a lost as to where to download it to on my Pre, so it can load. I'm not sure I want to go into developer mode.
    Thanks for the quick reply Warblad13.
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    developer mode isn't as scary as it sounds.
    it basically allows the usb port to access the main system files.
    and after you install preware or filecoster through webos quick install
    you can turn off developer mode
    then through either preware or filecoster you install the app you want.
    preware and filecoster does the actual install process.
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    You can put the files anywhere on the media portion of the Pre. (What you can see when you choose the USB drive option.) Then you can just install one of the ebook readers from preware and as long as they're compatible, you can open them through the ebook reader app.
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    One of the ereaders is available through the official app catalog now (I think its called popelli reader), so as long as you're in the US you can bypass preware altogether if you want.
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    There really isn't a compelling reason not to install Preware onto your phone. The risks are vanishingly small, and the benefits are pretty great. If you really don't want to go that route, though, there is an ebook reader now available in the App Catalog. Simply put your Pre into USB drive mode after plugging it into your computer and drag'n'drop those files over. It'll work so long as your ebook files are readable by the ebook program.

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