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    okay guys heres my biggest problem i have with my pre. I need a app free or not that will let me use mp3s as a sms tone. not only that but i would love to have one that it didnt have to play all the way thru the song I want one that when u click on the bubble and open it or if its already open to stop the song. also i need to know how to turn the old 3 beep tone off besides muting the whole phone. If any1 can help Id be greatful.
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    Do you have the newest update?

    I made my own SMS ringtones (or ringtones in general) on wavepad.
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    yes last time i checked i did but i dont have wavepad also how do i turn the regular alert off
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    WavePad needs to be downloaded to your computer. Sorry I don't have the webaddress but if you Google it you can find it.

    To change the ring alert for your text bring up the text function from launcher (not an individual conversation). Click on MESSAGING tab in the upper left corner. Click on PREFERANCES AND ACCOUNTS. Click on RINGTONE and change it.
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    thank you ill im u if i need anymore help
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    No problem....

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