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    Is there a ring tone maker for the palm pre?

    I had one for my centro and it worked great...
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    I use wavepad to create mine.
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    Are any of these apps, or built into Music (remix)?
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    the easiest way to create a ringtone (without directly using any programs or even your own music) is through a website called myxer. its free to use, all you have to do is sign up and using your number it will recognize what kind of phone you have (palm pre FTW) and convert your ringtones into a format supported by your phone. then it will give you specific instructions on how to put the newly made ringtone on your phone. if you dont like the ringtones to choose from, make your own from the songs uploaded. choose the song and edit the tone, easy and user friendly. you can even choose effects like fade in/out and loop. last but not least if they dont have a song up there, upload it and make your personlized ringtone in a matter of seconds. hope this helps

    www myxer com
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    I usually prefer an online editor like
    No need to install anything.
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    I like goldwave also. I think it is sooooo easy to use.
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    Another good one with lots of songs is zedge. You can download to your computer and then drag and drop to the Pre. It works great for me.

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