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    Realize there are a zillion post on this so this info is nothing new but still it is worth knowing/repeating. It was a bit confusing to my (hate to admit)...

    got my replacement pre and of course when you power it up it ask what lanuage and do you have a profile you want to restore. When you got your first pre you probably created a palm profile when you set up the phone (or the sprint store did and just told you to enter your email acct info). When that happens Palm creates a 'profile' of your phone and saves to the cloud server. Then when you get a replacement phone you should be able to restore your palm profile from that server.

    When trying to restore my profile the phone said there was not one to restore. If you do a hard reset (erase all data) then check for updates (thinking my relacement needed 1.3.1) you can then go back and do a hard reset again and tell it to restore your profile and it should work.

    Sorry if this has been repeated too many times and if I have any of it wrong someone feel free to correct. I do have my contacts on Google so thinking it all works this way -

    Google -
    all your contacts are saved there and believe they are what are stored to your phone when you do a restore of a palm profile (i.e. once you synce you google mail acct the contacts are pushed back down to the phone)

    Palm Profile -
    it restored, in my case, my cable mail acct, my exchange server mail acct, my google mail acct profiles. along with all the apps I had down loaded to the phone. no sms messaging strings from before are restored nor are photos.

    (someone else can offer other steps to see pre software verison first maybe)

    Steps to restore profile -
    1. do a backup on your orignal pre first via the backup app on the phone.

    2. get replacement phone and boot it up. you will be asked to restore your palm profile. if the profile and the new pre phone both are running the same web OS version (same update) then the profile will be restored. If they are not then Palm will say 'no profile is there to restore'.

    3. if no profile is there to restore then down load any OS update (1.3.1 for example) if the phone says one is out there though if you have low bars go to an area that has several and spend the 30 minutes or so to do it else at a sprint store maybe.

    4. do a hard reset and then bootup and try to restore your profile. palm should have a profile it can restore now since the profile and phone by have the same web os udpates.

    5. go to each mail acct and tell it to sync

    6. if doing exchange, at least at my work, one has to download all messages then you can go into the settings and chanage it to just 1/3/7 days etc as desired. phone will need to then delete extra messages (if you have 1,000 mail items it can take me)

    5. take files off you want off your old pre via usb mode cable connect then copy to new phone (pdf, data files, phones)

    6. ship old phone back to sprint after you do a hard reset.

    7. pray you don't again get the pre usb stress crack (we should start calling our pre's Pre Crackaberries I think).
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    I'm surprised that the Pre and Pixi's aren't coming 1.3.1 pre-installed by now.
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    it was my relacement phone sent by sprint. would have been nice if the put the most current OS update before sending it out but guess they don't care that much. just did not want anyone to feel their profile was 'lost' if they got that initial message due to both device and profile not using the same update for the OS.

    having that palm profile does save one from having to re-enter all their mail accounts plus it restores the apps you downloaded so that is nice.
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    I just replaced my phone on Friday. I had no issues restoring but I was surprised to see that my phone had v1.1.0
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    I got a new pre on Dec 4. It came with v1.21 .

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