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    i got ANOTHER pre replaced yesterday and everything was fine with my contacts. last night i went ahead and updated the phone to 1.3.1 and all my contacts are still there but all the info in each contact is gone. when i was at the repair store they gave me a number directly to palm just for profile problems and i cant find it and of course the store is closed today. does anyone have that number. thanks
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    When I first setup my contacts I debated whether I should use Palm's or Google's. I chose Google's and I am glad that I did.

    My reasoning for choosing Google's was:

    - If I have to change to a different manufacturer's phone that they may also support Google and that it would be easier to integrate to the next phone.

    - With Google I could easily login on a separate PC to the Google contacts and modify it from there. I had trouble finding similar functionality with Palm's Contacts.

    - Google knows storage better than Palm. I could see Palm having issues with their servers before I could Google.

    Sorry I didn't have the number to offer, but maybe you can call the Palm Setup Support number 1-866-750-PALM and ask them the question.

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