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    My keyboard felt "soft" as I typed. Specially the space key, I had to press really hard. I was going to have it replaced but everything else on the phone is great so did not want to take a chance on another one.

    So, I stuck my nail on front side of the keyboard and it pulled out.
    I than used a plastic tool which is used to remove plastic parts and ran that all the ways aroud from side to side.
    Than I raised the keyboard pad UP and pulled it off. Note that the keypad is glued on to the pre, not strong glue so it does lift up.

    Than I added 2 pieces of tape (I used some masking tape for painting cars I had around). I was sure NOT to go up to high with the tape so as to not block the lights for the keyboard. Btw, if you like/want, I believe you can use some marker to color the 2 light bulbs any color you like.

    Than I put the keypad back ans snap everything down and MAN does it feel so MUCH BETTER!

    Try it, you will NOT regret it. Typing is so much better now.

    Here's a link to get an idea how to remove the keyboard. Its NOT as hard as the picture shows. Just get your finger nail in enough to get that plastic thing in and your set!
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    Link please

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    we need some pics, did you take out any of the screws on the back? Are you talking about the matte board right around the keys?
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    It doesn't really show how to remove the keyboard - but I get what you mean. My keyboard feels fine. Then again, I just got a replacement Pre on Friday. My other 2 Pre's didn't have keyboard issues though

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