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    I have an updated Pre and a airlink 300N wireless router. I have WPA-PSK encryption with MAC filtering set up. It is DHCP. I can only connect to the router when the MAC filtering is disabled, even though I added the MAC address, saved, even reset the router.

    (I am positive it is typed correctly; I copied and pasted it from the wireless client list when I was able to connect with filtering off.)

    Does anyone run MAC filtering successfully, are there tricks I am missing? Aside from what I mentioned, I keep everything else default.

    Heh, figured it out:
    I had set it to block the listed macs, not permit. I am dumb.
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    Common oversight, I have done this myself. Makes you feel kind of idiotic after you swear at your router, and call it names, only to discover you simply didn't enable what you're trying to do.
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    MAC filtering is completely pointless anyway unless the router has no encryption key.
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    Encryption keys can be cracked, and MAC addresses can be sniffed out. Bottom line is, if someone is determined enough to get onto your wireless home network, they will do it.
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    I have 4 neighbors with open networks, so I am not too concerned.
    While wrestling with this, I found an option to reduce the signal transmission strength. That seems like a good idea.

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