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    Hello, Precentral.

    I'm looking for a way to track my pre for a day. I need to be to view where it is/has been. I also need to be able to see where it's been on a map. I was wondering if such an app existed, or if there is some other way? My pre isn't rooted, but has Preware on it and I have WebOSQuickInstall.

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    Cellstalker - I'm running it on mine and it's proving very effective.
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    I believe that Sprint offers a way to track your phone via their online portal.
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    Thanks a ton, looks amazing but is proving not so effective.
    I just tried it out and it thinks I'm about 3 miles from where I am. Any way to increase accuracy? Also, do you think my battery would last 12 hours when updating every 10 minutes? Lastly, does it still update if the pre is in standby?

    Xyg, I'm a Bell customer, so that's not really an option for me.

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    Let us know if you catch her being bad.
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    Just wondering but why do you want to track your Pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitit20 View Post
    Just wondering but why do you want to track your Pre?
    Well, if you lose it...
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScaryHumor View Post
    Let us know if you catch her being bad.
    Will do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIWizard View Post
    Well, if you lose it...
    O haha i see well the cops can do that if its turned on :P they just call the cell provider and they can tell were its at... :P I had a car stole one and i had my cell in the glove box the cops found him with tracking it all they had to do was call sprint give some kind of id number and they gave them the location less then an hour i got my car back...
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    3 miles ? Something is seriously wrong there - is your GPS on ? It should be accurate to around 10 metres.

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