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    I'm not trying spark a debate about how good or bad the phone is. I'm just wondering how many of you think you will stick with the pre after having it for a year and being eligible for the full sprint rebate....For whatever reason...good or bad...
    I can say that I will not have my pre on June 7, '10.

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    Well I can only hope that the Pre 2 is out by then... in which case, I won't have my Pre anymore
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    Goodbye- Don't let the Door hit you in the ****. Tired of the whiners
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    I still have it and it's still in mint condition.
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    Had mine since July and in mint condition, no problems. Sticking with Palm and look forward to seeing new features get added and future devices.
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    I'm not whining thank you very much. i have several reasons the biggest being i probably will see something new i'd rather have. I'm just curious as to how many people change phones when they're eligible. I may not be completely happy with the phone, but i'm not whining...but thanks for your reply.
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    The only thing I'm looking fwd to is Pre 2....
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    I love my palm pre also,I have had only one problem with mine and it was the speaker.took it to the sprint store and they replaced with no problems.I wouldn't trade my palm pre for any other phone.
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    Pretty sure I'll still have mine, unless Pre 2 is... Well, I can't really think of any upgrades that would make much difference to me. Pre hardware is just fine for me.
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    I am a phone ***** and will likely upgrade to the newest webOS based device. That said, six months is a long time in the smartphone world, so who knows?
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    I suppose it depends on what's out at the time.
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    The market is changing. Like it or not, the Pre is only one phone in what is becoming an amazingly competitive market. HTC, Samsung, Palm, Motorola, Apple, and every other company out there is trying to improve on the existing devices as well as coming up with new concepts that are not yet out.

    The next two years I'm guessing we will see drastic improvements across the board. To say that the Pre will still be competitive six months from now in its early form is assuming no other company is developing the next latest and greatest.

    The Pre is, and will still be a great phone (when patched) in June '10. But to think that a year after its release it will be anywhere near the top of the list with products that have been in development for the last year from other companies, including Palm, is not really realistic IMO.

    The way I see it, the way things are going right now, three years from now, phones on the market will rival the power and capability of the computers of today.
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    Only way I'll be without a Pre then is if Pre2 is out. Next new phone I get will be whatever the upgrade to this one is. I love the phone too much to get rid of it.. nothing out there now can compete as far as I'm concerned.
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    It breaks my heart to say this, but if an iPhone were available on Sprint for what im paying now...

    Palm Pre 2 wouldn't need to do much to convince me otherwise though.
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    I played around with the Hero today and I did not like it at all. I thought it was so much slower than my Pre. The Browser was horrible.

    I love the Pre. Palm just needs to move some units to get the devs on board.
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    By some means of sheer luck after upgrading my line they gave me another upgrade. I am interested to check out the android line of phone. I am never giving my pre up, unless the Samsung Moment or Hero are 100 % perfect which i doubt, but even then i would probably switch back every so often. Whats everyones suggestions of choice between Moment and Hero.....As a back up phone Love my pre to much
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    Got mine June 6th, 2009 @ 8 am. I will still have it unless a new WebOS phone comes out that has the same or better features and has a better build quality. I seriously love WebOS. I played with my friends BB the other day and it was horrible. After playing with WebOS, iPhone/iTouch feels backwards to keep closing apps.

    All WebOS needs to excel now is GPU support and a low level access SDK.
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    I've spent way too much money on accessories to switch now. Launch day pre is still working fine but I wouldn't mind a pre2 upgrade
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    I would need considerable incentive to switch devices.I like the Pre very much , it has flaws and could be enhanced but the ability to add patches makes it appealing to me. If I did not have availability to these patches I think I would look for something else.
    With that said ,when the current Pre becomes the Post because of the release of a speculated Pre2 I will be very excited.
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    I'm keeping the pre or getting a pre2 if it comes out. I just really like its method of multitasking out of the box and the notifications. I will admit my opinion is biased as I'm comfortable and happy with how WebOS works and really have no desire to learn a different OS unless its "Significantly" better.
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