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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Unless Sprint gets a game-changing Android device, I'm staying on the WebOS platform.
    I am with you on this. I believe the Pre is the best thing on Sprint right now, however, if Android on Tegra/Snapdragon appears in the line-up, I would would actually consider it.

    Sadly the only feature of other smarthphones I really need is a usable VNC (I do a lot of remote admin that I hate lugging a netbook around for). Pinch/Zoom VNC on Palm Pre would be a huge win and dont think I would stray ever if it was available.
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    How bout that nexus eh eh?
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    I just picked up a droid last week and it is pretty sweet. My pre is my very first smart phone and I loved it but I needed to give myself something to compare it too. I really do miss the card setup and how synergy works when it works right but I also am quite fond of how well polished the droid is compared to the pre. I only went 1 yr contract with verizon because of the insane plan costs. I will be updating my pre and monitoring its progressions over the next year. It still is my lil linux machine on the hip once the next version of the pre is released, I will take a long hard look at it before jumping on that ship again (hardware reasons mostly) btw, I still have my work pre and that is kicking along nicely. I only make calls on that though so I don't tinker with it much.
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    I have had my pre since day one. Haven't had a problem with it at all with the exeption of memory leaks induced from the last update . I'm sure that will be fixed soon. I will still have mine in June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grynv View Post
    How bout that nexus eh eh?
    Looks like the HTC Passion or Bravo we keep hearing about. And Sprint hasn't exactly been mentioned with it.
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    Word is that it's a GSM phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Looks like the HTC Passion or Bravo we keep hearing about. And Sprint hasn't exactly been mentioned with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grynv View Post
    How bout that nexus eh eh?
    Meh, looks like another trackball toting Android phone... The Droid is an incredible phone already, IMO the "Google" phone won't bring anything new, and being unsubsidized and not attached to a particular carrier means it will be expensive, and since it's GSM, it'll be stuck to the 2 worst networks in the US(T-Mobile and AT&T). The Droid on Verizon has already sold over a million units, in roughly a month, which is much better than pretty much any other Android phone at launch. I seriously love my Droid, glad I switched.
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    Im locked into Verizon and do not yet have a pre but I hope to have one by June of 10. I think webOS is the way of the future
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    I’m locked into Verizon and do not yet have a pre – but I hope to have one by June of ’10. I think webOS is the way of the future
    It's got a long way to go before that'll happen... Android is already well ahead of it, and getting better every release.
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    I still have the Pre that I stood in line on June 7. I had no problems with the phone except for Microsoft Exchange Email which was promptly corrected by one of the updates. When reading about problems other people are experiencing, I consider myself either lucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegov View Post
    I'm not trying spark a debate about how good or bad the phone is. I'm just wondering how many of you think you will stick with the pre after having it for a year and being eligible for the full sprint rebate....For whatever reason...good or bad...
    I can say that I will not have my pre on June 7, '10.

    Treo 300>>Treo 650>>Treo 700p>> Samsung Instinct>>Palm Pre
    I think it's a safe bet that I'll still have my Pre by then. I haven't had any real issues with it so I don't see why would get rid of it in favor of another phone.
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    I will still have my Pre unless Pre 2 is released.
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    I will still have my pre unless a new pre comes along.
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    Idk, my buddies moment is pretty sweet. Guess it depends on wether or not palm get they're ball rolling by then
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    With talks about the Google phone (aka Nexus) out in January and iPhone 4th generation in the summer it's extremely hard to say if I'll stick with Pre and WebOS.

    As much as I love webos, at times it's irritating how slow it can be. Often I find myself looking up stuff while on the go and having friends comment "wow, it takes that long to even pull up a map?" There are many phone application issues as well, like using the dialpad and pressing 1, 4, 7 or * on the screen. The screen refreshes a few times before it actually recognizes I'm pressing a number, quite annoying.
    Speed is a big issue for me, since when I compare it to other phones they are relatively faster. Not having a voice recorder (when all my phones have had one in the past) is concerning. Video recording I can live without (for now), but damn it Palm, it's almost 2010. Are you really trying to compete without all key features?

    Before anyone says "goodbye, don't let the door hit you on your way out. good riddance. stop whining" etc etc, I LOVE my Pre. If I didn't I wouldn't be a member of this forum and would have jumped to an HTC Hero or any other phone.

    However, if in a few more months Palm doesn't catch up,'s not like I'm their poster boy or am sponsored by Palm. I just go with what looks to be the best product in the market.

    My 2 cents.
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    I'm with anaglich. If the iPhone were to become available to Sprint customers then i would have to switch over to the Apple device. I love my Pre but you just can't seem to get away from the iPhone so why not just join em..
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    Got mine on the release day June 6th and love the functionality of it and the ease of using Preware to tweak the phone. It fits my needs and will be with it for a while. Nothing is really impressing me at the moment that takes the place of the true multi-tasking and switching between cards. The apps will keep coming and the upgrades will continue to improve it. If there is another phone that comes out in the future, will take a look at it, but it would have to really be outstanding to make me jump from my Pre. I will definitely still have it come June 7th.
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    Who knows what will be available 7 months from now? I don't, but when that time comes I will look at what options are available and decide accordingly. If there is something new on Sprint that would work better for me, I will buy it. If not, I will stick with the Pre.

    It is a win-win situation either way considering my previous phone was the Samsung Instinct. That phone was a HUGE disappointment.
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    I probably will still have my pre unless sprint gets a high end device like the htc hd2... Then Ill be out... I couldnt have it running windows mobile though.... I Love the HTC sense though... It even makes a windows mobile phone look good... If android 3.0 makes its way to a device like that I may leave... Other then that I love my Pre.. Im just hoping they fix things soon... These massive memory leaks are killing me... Cant multitask how i'd like if im constatly getting too many cards with 3 cards open... Youtube app failing etc It sucks palm is so small of a company because this phone has potential..

    Check my thread on why webos should be king but isnt..
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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNiteWithJme View Post
    Had mine since July and in mint condition, no problems. Sticking with Palm and look forward to seeing new features get added and future devices.
    Agreed. Still have it, still love it. Sure, it could be better, but I think it is worth watiing for.
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