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    Straight to the punch. (plz read further than first part it gets tricky)
    I bought a german factory unlocked pre. When i got it, it worked fine on my old carrier with everything untill i updated to 1.3.1. After that i couldnt sms or visit ap store.

    Sooo.... later... now when i finally got my new sim card from another carrier. I do the whole activation with puk and pin and all is good. My pin is as i made it, though the sim card is still locked. (if i go to preferences) under security it states "Unlock Sim Card". When i try to unlock here, it doesnt accept my pin. The sim card is totally fine, i tested on another phone. What gives? Anyone?
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    Seriously, nobody can help? Even after wiping and starting over, i have no contact to network. (sim works fine on another phone).

    Ps: i have never payed so much for a phone and had this much trouble. Im really ****ed. nothing but problems.

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