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    problem solved. If anyone can tell how to delete threads I would much appriciate it.

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    What exactly was your problem and how did you solve it?

    Since Wednesday evening (12/23), my earpiece and microphone won't work during a call. I have success when using the speakerphone, earbuds, or BT earpiece. This occurred after I plugged my phone into a car's aux port.

    The speaker is also not working for any media, I have to use the earbuds to listen to music, watch videos or Sprint TV.

    My partner had the same issue just a few days prior and it managed to fix itself somehow 3 days later. His began suddenly after using the Pre earbuds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunlibra View Post
    What exactly was your problem and how did you solve it?
    There is an entire stickly thread on this problem at the top of this forum
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    Thanks. it didn't come up in my search.
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    This happened to me two months ago. It would clear itself intermittantly but the problem would reappear.

    Sprint ended up sending to me another phone with the assertion that the problem had been licked. I have my doubts, for if I pull out the Aux plug in my car to answer the phone, the phone remains stuck in earphone mode. To complete the call, I must use the speakerphone.

    ANYHOO, the best method to combat the situation is to close the program that's using the earphone before pulling out the jack. That was one suggestion in the forum and it appears to work with my new Pre. This method did NOT work with my previous Pre.

    [sidebar: I was reluctant to turn in my original Pre because it was solidly constructed and I did not want to take a chance on receiving an Oreo'ed refurb. Fortunately, I received a solid one. Whew!]

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