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    I like to listen to music when I trying to go to sleep and I use Music Player Remix to do so. The only problem is that I don't have a way to turn off the music when I fall asleep. My centro with Pocket tunes used to have an option to turn off after 30 minutes of uninterrupted play. I don't seem to have this option with Music Player Remix. Is there anyway to stop Music Player Remix from playing music after a set amount of time?
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    This has been requested a few times before in my homebrew forum thread. I have this on my to-do list. So I'll get it in there in a future release. However all new features to the app are on hold while I finish up my next app (GeoStrings).
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    Oh I did not realize that it was already requested. Thank you very much for the new music player, it is perfect in every way except this minor thing. Hope to see it updated soon.

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