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    I'm using a sprint palm pre. But I can't receive chinese msgs. What should I do?
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    Where are these messages coming from? The Pre handles Chinese text pretty well, as long as it's in Unicode (which is true for most things these days).

    For example, the Translator app creates Chinese text and sends it either in an SMS or email message, and those messages are rendered just fine on the Pre. Or you can use the InputKing web site, or a Chinese homebrew IME (see 发个免费的可以翻页的拼音输入法 - webOS软件 - Palm Pre, Pixi, webOS 讨论 - Palm, Pre, Pixi, webOS, Treo 论坛[吹友吧] Palm Pre,智能手机,Palm Treo,Centro,iPhone,blackberry,QWERTY,全键盘 - Powered by Discuz! ).

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