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    I love this thing. I really do. Keep your fingers crossed nothing starts to go wrong.

    I have a few questions.

    1. Email font/size. I use this a lot for Exchange email (work) and I didnt realise the font was 12 pt when sending emails. May not seem like a big deal but all my emails are always 10pt. Just seems strange to me. Any way to fix this and the styele font too?

    2. Notifications. I choose to have all sounds off and stick to a vibrate. My Treo Pro vibrated three solid times for every new email. The Pre does one tiny flippin "bzz"..easily missed! I dont want to have to keep checking the phone - I should know when I get a text/email! Text should also be a stronger vibrate. Right?

    3. Facebook. I am not a fan of the I like It seems to update on the fly, touch doesnt tell me squat. It has status updates from two days ago as news. m.facebook may not have looked as pretty but it kept me "up to date" haha. Anyway to change this?

    Anything else I should know? I am very green to the phone.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    1) there is currently no patch to change font size in email to 10...but it can be done, make a request for the patch in one of the request posts

    2)there is an app called TXT can change the duration of the vibration..txt manager is not in app'll have to download preware to your phone

    3) works well for me... I had to change my news feed to live do this from computer...I jus got a update 46 secs ago.

    any more come to the right place...precentral forum is the best
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    I haven't had much problems with those.

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