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    pre o2 uk pay and go issues-
    right here we go this has been a week in the making.
    Ive laid my hands on a pre from my mate who was on contract, its a o2 uk locked pre.
    The problems simple, i love the handset and compare to touch screen, i phone and blackberrys ive had this year this kicks it! O2 being sods refuse me contract serivces even the sim only packages, so contracts not a poss. Ive got an o2 pay and go 3g sim, virgin 3g pay and go sim, 3 pay and go sim and obiously could get any other but i really want o2 as its the better signal in the area. After putting the sim in the phone needed registering and obiosuly without net access it wouldnt. i borrowed a mates o2 contract chip, registered it, and put in the o2 pay and so sim. it boots up fine, says 3 bars signal, o2-uk in the top left. however no 2g or 3g icon, its unable to make or recieve calls, texts, mms ect.... basicly its on the carrier but not?? o2 dont support thjis phone on pay and go so its up to me to get it sorted. thinking it maybe because its lock i ordered a Rebel 2 sim card. dropped it in and no difference. Tried it with virgin pay and go, no difference. However t-moblie contract says 3g with rebel but still the same issues ~(no calls txts ect). ive tried changing apn settings but this shouldnt effect normal calls should it? ive done the above with both 1.3.1 webos and 1.1.3 and the origninal os (not sure if its 1.1.3 but it got update hoping this may help). so whats stopping the calls ect on the phone even with rebel 2. it seems rebel just gets my into the phone with signal but thats it. The odd thing is if i sign into my profile for the 1st time after format with rebel and tmob contract chip it gets the profile and updates over the carrier but then wont again after booting. im dying to get this on pay and go. please someone help before i sell it to mazzuma for a pathetic 120.00
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    that is a big list of issues you have there...?
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    huh? I've got a pre on pay as u go in the uk on o2
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    well the o2 pay and go chip reads without that ******* rebel 2 chip. so taking that to one side, why cant i get a 2g or 3g signal icon and not make any outbound calls/incoming calls, txts, mms ect......ive changed the apn settings and they were accepted. sim card issues maybe? its not the phone being locked as the network its locked to is the provider i want to use less pay as you go rather than contract. @ kingcartwright o2 tell me there pay and go service simply wont support pre, which i though was bull perhaps in regards to internet but im not bothered about that i can connect via my home and other wans via wireless. just normal phone function is all im after here!""!!! did u register yours with the pay and go chip or just contact then put the chip in??
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    o2 chat alot of ****... they were tryin to palm me off tellin me I wud neva get my pre to work with out a contract.... i reinstalled the OS on pre usin webdoctor OS

    got the o2 web bolt on for 7.50 a month... I would advise gettin this done before putting the sim in your pre... then just changing the apn settings

    Access point:
    Username: payandgo
    Password: password

    and then everything seems to work
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    the biggest problem for me was that I couldn’t create at palm profile it kept coming up saying that I wasn’t connect to the wireless service provider... so I couldn't even get to the phones menu and it was only after reinstalling the OS that the apn settings menu I could get access to and change the details then it all worked sweet I created my palm profile, I get all my txts ,calls, e-mails. Everything is working I would just say to you don't let it phase you and keep trying you will get it working in the end.

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