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    I swapped out my old Pre for a new one at a local Sprint store 9 days ago due to software defect issues with the old Pre. While at the store, they hooked up my old Pre to a machine that was supposed to transfer all of my contacts to my new Pre. The new Pre had WebOS 1.2 installed on it, so I updated the software to version 1.3

    A few days later I realized that my new Pre had all the contacts, but did not save any of the details of the contacts other than the phone # (all of the notes, nicknames, b-days, etc. attached to the contacts were missing). I'm not sure if I lost all the contact details during the switch to the new Pre, or during the update to WebOS 1.3. I can't sync my phone with gmail or google, because I don't have my information sotred there, it was all on my old Pre.

    When I went back to the Sprint store, they said my old Pre (which had all the contact details) had already been shipped back to Palm and its location was untraceable. Having all the data under the "notes" and "nicknames" sections restored to my contacts in my new Pre is vital to me, as many of my contacts are business-related and I will not be able to identify dozens of people without that information. I called Palm, and after being transferred to speak with a member of the "specialist team", they suggested a "data push" that would restore information from my Palm profile and overwrite my existing contact list, but since my phone backs up daily and the information from the old Pre is now 9 days old, my fear is that won't help at all and I may end up losing more data in the process.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
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    Wow you need to read what other business guys are saying. Check this link out>>

    Why were called business guys and not geeks. Palm forgot us for a desktop sync so we must be a geek and use Google to save our rearend and keep us in business. I love the Pre but how can they forget us business guys when it come to back up. Were not geeks. Give me a simple back up to the desktop or an Itunes type back experience.

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