Hey Everyone!

Yes, it has been well documented that the European Pre + WebOS 1.3.1 = Some annoying data issues!

I couldn't really find a solution in the forums, aside from a bit of webDoctoring, so I thought I'd try a different approach.

For me, I'm:
  • Living In Oz
  • Using a German Pre
  • Using WebOS 1.3.1
  • Using three hutchinson 3G Network

I'm fairly certainly that my particular issue is that for some reason, it is only allowing me to use my "internet APN" only -3netaccess, rather than two APNs -3netaccess and 3services at the same time. For some strange reason, I had no such issue using WebOS 1.1.2 :S Not sure what has changed in the coding.

The reason that I need to be able to switch between the 2 APNs is because:
  • 3netaccess is responsible for allowing regular internet access
  • 3services is responsible for allowing access to "Planet 3" services

I don't really want to go back to 1.1.2, because lets face it. The webOS OTA update is forced on us anyway, and also, even if I webOS Doctor the Pre again with 1.3.1, my guess is that the issues will come back again ...

Anyways, my question to you gurus is:

Is there a way to switch between two different APNs without having to restart the phone and/or change the settings in the phone > preferences app? Maybe something in the way of an app like "data toggle". I would pay $50AUD for it to be made!!!