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    I have had my pre for 4 days. Today I pushed my power button to wake the screen up and it did not work. then I tried sliding it open and it still did not come on. After sliding the slider and pressing the power button several times it finally came on and I noticed that my battery had drained from about 70% to 35% in about 2 hours with no use. Please help! I am in my 30 days so I can easily swap it out. Should I get a moment or hero instead? I love the pre but, I do not want to have constant problems.

    I have installed some patches and applications with web os quick install and preware.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I'd say just swap it out. Every phone has it's problems, so go with the one you like the best.

    I did all my research, and I preferred the Pre (but I also bought it without contract and Used).
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    I'd swap it out since your under 30 days but make sure it's a newer one with the added foam, as I've had this happen a couple of times since I bought mine back in July. I think it might be the battery compartment issue, if you're new to the phone you could have received one that has not been fixed, meaning they now sell it with some added foam in the battery compartment. When it happens to me, I just pull the battery, reinsert it and make sure it's connected correctly. There is also a self fix article here. Hope it works out for you!
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    It is a new one with the foam. My build date was 10/7. I guess my problem is more with the power button not waking the screen up. It does not always work.
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    do you have the CPU speed step patch installed? (Not smartreflex, but the other one)
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    Full erase, sign in, try again with no patches/homebrew. Took me a few trial and errors to get a setup I liked, that didnt drain battery, or cause memory leaks (please close open cards, when no cards open)

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    when you get to the sprint store ask them to try a new battery . it may have just dropped dead lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I returned my Pre and got the Samsung Moment. As much as I liked the Pre, I like the Moment better. Before the Pre I had the HERO and I liked it the least. If any of you are considering the MOMENT, go for it, you will be surprised. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR PRES! I hope they fix the issues and make a PRE 2 with better hardware. If so, in a year, I will definitely give PALM another chance.

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