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    When an iPhone user sends me a email with a jpeg attachment I cannot always open it. This problem specifically happens when the user sends from an iphone that is using russian fonts. Although the iPhone can type English as well. When I receive the photo. The jpeg has the file name ???????????.jpeg. I believe because it was in cyrillic and the pre could not translate it. When I download it, the photo does not open just a grey x box. I know the photo is not corrupt because I can open it my gmail and my blackberry opens it. For some reason I think it is the filename, when another iPhone users sends me a photo, the name is normally photo.jpeg and I never have a problem opening it. If I open this same email in my gmail on my computer and resend to myself I can open it because the file name is some cyrillic characters followed by.jpeg

    Anyone else have this problem? Is this a bug with Pre and handling of cyrillic and naming it wrong.
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    why is someone using a Russian phone? maybe they should learn to use an English one?
    Pre be with you.

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