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    got replacement pre in mail from sprint. thought I read a thread saying a sprint store has a device/box that allows ALL data to be transfered from your old pre to the new pre provided both are running the same software revision update.

    went to a corporate sprint store and they are clueless as to that being something that can be done. did I miss read a thread on this site or might the person that posted the thread be incorrect?

    since I have the splash id app with passwords in it I thought it would be nice if I could get all my data moved from the old phone to the new but maybe that cannot be done.

    the replacement phone has now been registerd at the sprint store and it asked for me email address and password (though believe that would be the password I created when I did my pre palm profile). Guy handed me the phone and said to enter those two items. Have not put in password yet (did not know it at the time) and can put battery in old phone to power it up and access splash id app.

    so is sprint store clue less or are they right when they say they cannot transfer data old phone to new.

    i do have a palm profile plus use google for contacts.

    quick reply would say me from waiting until this evening to sort it all out
    thanks all
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    They CANNOT transfer your data. You need to connect as a USB drive to pull off any "user" data. Contacts, email, etc. will sync once accounts added.

    Essentially if you cannot access it on the web you need to get it off the device yourself.

    Good luck

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