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    Ok so I'm on my 3rd Pre in 3 months and it's been some sort of issue with the screen every time. Sprint today said that it was the "unauthorized" case that I was using. They said it "broke the ribbons?" I got the case from radio shack.

    Does this sound right? I'm going to search for recommendations on a case and such, but, just wondering if that sounds right for an "unauthorized case" to do that.
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    Well it's defiantly possible, A case which clips and puts too much pressure on areas not designed to withhold that could defiantly cause the screen to break.

    If you list the name of the case I'm sure someone would be able to describe their experiences to you.
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    I looked at my case and there is literally no brand or p\n...its just a generic hard case from radio does clip on though...
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    It probably isn't truly the case but Sprint will look for any reason not to eat the cost of a pre. Sorry to say, but luck isn't on your side with this one.
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    call customer service. i had a phone die on me once within 30 days of purchase (this was before the current policy) and they asked to see my car charger. he immediately was offended and said this is your problem, its not covered sorry. this charger is not one that is sold here at sprint.

    i thought he was joking, but he was not.

    i called *2 and explained the situation to them. they made markings on my account and told me to go back in there. i refused to because of the service. i had to drive another 20 min to get to another service store that was a lot busier and had to wait, but i was taken care of.

    call customer service tell them EVERYTHING including how poorly the employee treated you and see what they will do. i am fairly confident you will be taken care of
    Pre be with you.

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