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    Running XP Home SP3. I plug in my Pre to Dell E1505 Laptop. I hit media sync. I get found new hardware novacom. It looks for drivers but cannot find them, gives error and kicks me out of media sync mode.

    I did a search for novacom drivers but cannot find them. I tried using webosquickinstall to reinstall novacom...did not work. Any suggestions?

    Pre is in developer mode.
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    The problem is developer mode. In this mode the Pre shows up to the host computer as a compound device with both the USB mass storage function and the novacom function. Your PC with WebOS Quick Install has the novacom drivers on it (WOSQI extracts and installs them from the webosdoctor.jar file) but your laptop does not. You either have to put WOSQI on the laptop or take your Pre out of developer mode... once out of developer mode it will appear simply as USB mass storage.
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