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    I have the $89.99 everything plan from sprint. That gives me 900 anytime minutes. Out of those minutes I used maybe about 750 minutes. I checked last months minuntes usage and it said I only used 200 minutes! Ever since sprint has anytime anywhere mobile, I just dont use minutes anymore! Last night I changed my plan to the $69.99 plan that includes 450 anytime minutes. I get to save myself more than $20 bucks a month now Check your minutes usage and save some monies!
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    when that promo first began, many posters here posted that.

    either way, im happy for you!

    good job!
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    Unfortunately there is no cheaper plan for the family plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Unfortunately there is no cheaper plan for the family plan.
    You said it, my gf and I use no more than 400 min a month. I've contacted Sprint a few times through survey's, and also at the Sprint Store/customer service line telling them how we need more options, but I still want to keep the premiere status
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    My problem is some months I use only 200-400 of my 900 and other months (when I'm travelling) I use a lot more or even close to the 900. But that was before the any mobile thing. I think I'll have to really look at the numbers I call but since it is my only phone I do use it for calling businesses, my credit card companies, etc.

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