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    On Tuesday I recieved this text from Sprint, do I need to uninstall my patches and theme, or can I do this with my Pre as/is? I assume this in not the 1.3.5 update, but I really don't know what it is. Is it just a Sprint phone update and has nothing to do with the OS?


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    The only update I know of that can be given by *2 is a PRL (Priority Roaming List) update. I've never heard of them sending a text message about that, but other than wasting some time, no harm can be done by calling the customer support number).

    And no, I wouldn't think there'd be any need to remove patches. The PRL isn't really related to webOS.
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    it is prabably a PRL & or network update. You don't need to uninstall anything.

    this link has a disscussion with links and more details than you may care for

    prl is preferred roamimg list
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    You were right, it was a PRL update, (it didn't change mine, I was 60657 and still am.) Sprint tech service said they send blanket messages out like that every 6 months or so just to catch those who haven't updated. Thanks!

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