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    ...and I can't stop seeing it!!

    So those new American Express TV commercials are getting to me, you know the ones that show the smiley faces in everyday objects?

    Yesterday while wait for a web page to load I noticed one on my Pre. With the page rendering just a blank page (waiting for the content to load) the web browser back button is the right eye, the page loading icon is the left eye, the center LED button is the nose, and the keyboard slide out is the smile.....

    Ugh!!! Stop it, I hate seeing it now....but I had to tell so others could share in my discomfort.
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    Damn man, now i see it too. Thanx alot!
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    aw, how sweet. my pre makes me smile, and now i see it smiling too.
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    Lmao Thanx Alot. Now Im Seeing It
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    LOL! Awesome™!
    I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
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    Lol....I hate you for showing me this...

    my phone is now a clown...

    All the more reason we need a vkeyboard now
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    My Pre has a Domu Kun wallpaper so it's always angry.
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Argh! You b4st3rd! Not just web browser either. Pretty much any app with two buttons on the bottom of the screen. And I have the music stuck in my head too!!!
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    *****, your right, I see it now, & I can't stop seeing it!
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    Mikey47, I hate you. I did NOT need to see that toothy smile. I'll have nightmares from this, and you're to blame.
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    Thanks allot
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    hahaha good stuff. what has been seen cannot be unseen.
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    OMG! I thought I was the only one who noticed.
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    I can make it talk to me now when i open and close the keyboard! yay!
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    niiice find
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    omg haha isnt that too cute!
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    *Shrug* I dont see it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoen22 View Post
    I can make it talk to me now when i open and close the keyboard! yay!

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