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    As all of us here at precentral our Sprint contract is about to change which means we can give'em the boot and not have to worry about the tacked on fee's, OR.....

    I decided to call Sprint and immediately asked to speak to someone from the retention department. I asked if the information I had received regarding the contract changes where true and asked what it meant. It boils down to service and other fee's resulting in about another dollar a month per line.... I've got 3 lines which means $3 a month more....

    I now receive 19% of my monthly bill due thanks to my place of employment (I strongly suggest that if your not getting a discount of your bill to find out if your employer has a deal with Sprint and get your discount now) and could be getting 25% off at Verizon due to my wifes employer. I mentioned to the retention departments rep what my projected savings could be for 2 lines not 3 as I only truly have need of 2 and explained that I understand that this contractual change isn't to take place until next year January, but we can either handle this now or then, your choice, the rep asked me to hold.............

    Not more than 30 sec later she comes back on the line and offers me this: Extend your contract for another year and we'll provide you with and additional $20 of your bill (thats off the main line) and will cut your 3 line down from $19.99 to $2.99. This has yielded me an additional $36 off my bill in total.

    I don't believe I was a jerk and I tried to remain as calm and in control as possible and within a 7 - 10 minute conversation, I now can say I will save over $850 for two years of service with 3 lines.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOM HEAD SHOT! I say, give Sprint a call and try your luck and I'd love to hear your story....
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    Then again, the contracts says a material change must take place. Do you really think a 3 dollar increase in say a 129 + 19.99 plan is material?

    I think your mileage will vary with who you talk to. If i was Sprint, i'd laugh at anyone calling wanting out of contract because of this.
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    hmmmm interesting indeed
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I believe money is a material possession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i2fuzzy View Post
    I believe money is a material possession.
    Only for a few more years until physical money vanishes.

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