Sorry for posting here, but i have searched but not found anything similar. Lot about id3embedding, but not this problem of not having cover after having embedded them.

Maybe someone can help me.

I embedded all my album art in the id3tag, in banshee all of them get shown correctly. however, when i sync my pre most of the albums don't show any cover in the music player.
Music is synced to a folder called Music on the pre. however i noticed that leaving only the ipod plugin activated in banshee, the pre gets recognized again as an ipod, but no longer syncing music to the folder Music on pre, but this time with the strange directory structure of real ipods.
which is the difference? is this making the difference for covers? guess no, cause few show anyway now...but, who knows!

hope someone can give me some advice, i spent hours to embed all the covers with easytag, and now nothing shows...