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    I've had my pre for alittle over a month, a few min ago i was texting someone and after not getting a response from them for awhile i checked my phone to find it was off, the battery was almost full when i was texting. I tried the power button, the up vol+power button, took the battery out and back in, tried plugging it in to my computer and wall. Nothing is working. Any idea's before i make a trip to sprint?
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    It's starting up again, i removed the battery and left it out for a few min, put it back together and it finally turned on. Is this something i should be concerned with, this is the first time this has ever happened. Love the pre btw!
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    I'm having the same problem right now. I was listening to music, got a call, answered the call, then after hanging up the call the music stopped and the screen won't turn back on. I took out the battery (although I haven't tried leaving it out for a few minutes), I tried the reset thing, I plugged it into the computer and now it's plugged into the wall. But I've still got nothing. I'm bummed. The Pre's been great for the few weeks I've had it.
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    Yea the first time i took the battery out it didn't work, the second time i took it out and left it out for a min, gently blew some air on the inside in case of any dust, then put it back together, after that it turned on. Hope it works for you. I really like this phone and this was the first problem i have had with it.
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    Heard of this happening to several other people lately, another thing to try is taking out the battery, holding the power button down for about 10 seconds, and then place the battery back in. Hopefully should reboot after that as it will reset the power circuit.

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