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    Well I picked up my pre from best buy this morning. I am coming from the iphone (1st generation) and was not only hesitant to switch phones but switch networks. I have had so many dropped calls this past month that I decided it was time to switch; I'm not paying for a service that I can't even use.

    Apps are not a decision factor for me when purchasing a smart phone; they're great but I'm looking for something that at the core does email, messaging, contacts, calendars and calling really, really, well. This palm pre in my hand is truly a revolutionary device...The iphone cannot touch it. It doesn't matter that I'm coming from a 1st gen iphone, the OS and user interface are pretty much the same up through the 3gs...Finally I'm not fighting my phone.

    I'll post my thoughts after a full night of use...-Nick
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    I agree, i only have an 1 yr old ipod touch(gen 2), and my pre is about 6 days old, and im still finding new features on it (mostly thanks to this forum) the web browser on my ipod was hard to use and i did not like the onscreen keyboard.
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    My Pre was delivered to me on Tuesday, and the more I use it, the more I am liking it! I took my iPhone with me today and it actually felt clunkier (in terms of weight and size, etc.). The Pre really does feel nice in your hand. The keyboard is not as bad as I thought it would be. The build quality seems to be fine. (I'm handling it with kid gloves.) For months I've been reading these negative comments on the forums and I pretty much thought that Palm was done for -- but not now. I'm impressed!
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    I just picked one up myself at Best Buy 2 weeks ago for $79.99 I absolutly love this phone like others said build quality is ok I had to take my first one back cause of the bad oreo effect, but this one I have now is AWESOME. Like Jubland said you find new things on it everyday you didn't even know existed. Okay I'm done rambling ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

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