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    Anyone else had problems with the data, GPRS or 3G, stops working after a while?

    Happend a few times this week. Got great signal and the display indicates Edge or 3G connection but when I try to browse it just idles. If if reboot the phone it starts working again.
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    I've installed the Data Toggle patch so that when I'm at home it stays connected to my local network (I have a poor O2 network where I live and I'm going to keep badgering them about it!). I have only noticed the data stop working occasionally after using the data toggle, when I toggle the data back on to go out in the big bad world. Again, a reboot starts it working.
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    Could this be the DNS bug reported elsewhere ?
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    Yes I used to get it, had my phone and sim changed but no luck. However since I deleted my palm profile, doctored my phone and installed no patches, its been fine.

    I think theres a patch affecting it and its something which is backed up with the palm profile
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    I have kind of the same problem.
    After doctoring it with original palm webos 1.3.1 it works fine for some days (3G). Then i can't get it working again.
    Seems like there is something wrong in the carriersettings file, since i can't even send SMS anymore, after data stopped working.
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    to get a complete reset you need to delete your palm profile backup. I believe some of the network settings are backed up and if its faulty it will transfer back to youe phone after doctoring
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    Same issue is very infuriating! I love 3g in the wild...when it works lol...Oddly enough this also happens when I am using wifi! Will be working fine then just idles. Sometimes if i close the card and reopen it works just fine..other times I have to restart my phone. Any ideas as to why?
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    I have the same problem. Everything is fine with data (3g) until I change connection to wifi and then go back to 3g. I have to reset device before I could use data again.
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    I too have this problem. Rather than reboot, try enabling/disabling Aeroplane mode - works for me.
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