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    so recently my slider has been getting harder and harder to open. some times i will have to giggle it with my thumb a couple times before it will slider open. it feels like its got some dirt or dust that blocking it maybe. is there anyway to clean the mechanism or make it open smoother?
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    anyone have success cleanin it and makin it smoother?
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    if you feel daring, you may try putting a small drop of oil on the slides under the battery.

    I should tell you i have never done this, nor do i know if it will work. I couldn't tell what type of oil to use, or if it will damage the phone at all, just throwing an idea out there. If you are willing to try it, id recommend getting a medical syringe with a needle to apply the oil. Should keep you from using too much. and will make it easier put the oil in the right place, and keep it off of the wrong places.

    The picture roughly shows where the slider mechanism is (yellow boxes), and the red arrows roughly show where the slider slides on a track. If your willing to try it, id put a drop on the track, and slide it a few times to spread the oil.

    if you try it, let us know how it works.
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    k, brb....
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    Never done it either but would: remove the battery, dip a q-tip in alcohol, squeeze the excess fluid off with fingers and slide phone open and close while making contact with the q tip on the sliders. Then maybe do the samething but with a damply oiled q-tip (maybe WD40). Sorry if this is bad advice but its worth a try if you just use a damp q-tip for both cleaning and oiling and making sure no excess fluid actually gets in the phone.
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    Just took the plunge and tried it. Used a syringe like i mentioned in earlier post, but percyg77's suggestion would work as well i assume. WD-40 was the lube i used.

    My pre has never been really rough, but has had the occasional hangup. The slider seems to be a bit smoother when opening, but 1 or 2 out of 10 slides i still get the occasional hangup. So while this may make the slider smoother, it probably wont fix the hangup issue. Also, putting a small drop on the slide track with the syringe and sliding the slider a dozen times or so, spread the oil out pretty good, and it seemed to stay on the track without getting on anything else.
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    I been just using alcohol, thought of oiling before but I know it just get gunked up quicker

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